Friday, April 5, 2013

Let’s Meet Grandma Mojo


If you’ve ever met Grandma Mojo (Marilyn) you know she’s a pure delight. Her friendly smile greets every Mojo customer and her burger knowledge is unparalleled. Mojo fans come back again and again to talk to Grandma Mojo and share the love.

How do you order your Mojo Burger?

Grandma Mojo orders the Garden burger with no sauces and adds avocado

Favorite part of the job? 

I love getting to know her regulars at all the different locations and takes a real interest in their lives they are like an extended part of our Mojo family.

What do you do when you're not working at Mojo?

When Grandma Mojo is not at Mojo she is being Grandma to her 4 local grandkids so that Auntie Mojo can be working at Mojo Burger.

Major interests?

Grandma Mojo watches all types of sports, and loves doing arts and crafts - most of the decorative items at Mojo like the flower pens for the different times of the year are made by Grandma and the little figurines too!

What sports teams do you follow?

I love my Oakland A's, San Francisco Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Sharks, Warriors!!

Favorite TV Shows?

Anything on HGTV

Pets and their names?

No pets anymore, but Grandma Mojo used to breed show quality Great Danes and had a Blue and Gold Macaw and an African Grey before.

Magazines or newspapers you read?

Mercury News, Restaurant News