Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If a Mojo Burger Could Talk....

....what would it say?

"I am natural, tasty and always fresh!"

"Everyone loves me, because I am healthy and darn--I taste amazing!"

"I like the people that serve me to kids, families, and people of all ages."

"My friends (fries, shakes, hot dogs and more) all love working at Mojo too!"

"And of course, I always come with the finest buns in the entire Burger World."

"Hope to see you at Mojo sometime soon. I'll be there--count on it!!"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Meet Peter Favre, the Mojoman!

Raised on the North Shore of Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii, Peter Favre grew up in and around the tourist industry. After a stint as a tour boat owner-operator on the Napali coast of Kauai and after considering a career as a professional surfer, Favre ventured to Northern California to seek fame and fortune.

After completing the management program at McDonald’s Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois, Peter was on the fast track with the fast food icon. His primary talent was going into McDonald’s locations as a manager, primarily in the South Bay, to help improve business. He was an instant success with the golden arches as he was able to come into any location and improve their volume almost immediately.
How did he do it? By giving people the finest, most attentive and professional service they had ever experienced. And, boy, did it work. Soon Peter was opening new McDonald’s and saving existing ones with his endearing personality and incredible work ethic.

One of the great things about the 12 years Peter worked for McDonald’s was that during that time he met his wife, Carole. She was working at one of the stores he managed, and the two hit if off instantly when they met in 1988. In 1992 they were married. Carole is Mrs. Mojo, and has been an integral part of the restaurant’s success from day one, by offering everything she has toward making Mojo a success. Carole is a local San Jose girl who graduated from Santa Teresa High School in 1987.

During the entire time that he was working for the McDonald’s, Peter Favre was thinking and dreaming about starting a restaurant company of his own, one where he could use many of the McDonald’s philosophies and improve upon them.

After looking at several possible food-related business ventures, Carole and Peter decided to take the hamburger to the next level. They knew that people were tired of 99 cent, microwaved burgers and wanted something that was high-quality and great tasting.

Peter and some colleagues went on a road trip throughout California, to taste other hamburgers and see what other “fast casual” food businesses were doing. He met owners, looked at layouts, visited kitchens and talked with employees as well as customers, to find out exactly what they wanted in a hamburger. He also met with a wide variety of food vendors at food shows. And soon the Mojo story began.

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